Have you been thinking about a special relative or friend and wondered how they are doing? Does it nag

you to think “why haven’t I called him or her to see how they are doing?” I’ll get around to it when I have an opportunity, but you never do. What about that friend in the past you never called before? Now is the time, and maybe, just maybe they have thought about you too. Now is the time to do it since many of us are home, some isolated, some at work, but we are having time to reflect on our lives and where they are going especially with the uncertain future that lies ahead. Now, more than ever we need to communicate with each other and relate how we feel about things and how they feel about their life. We all have just so many spins on this globe in this system of things. If you care to, download mylivinglegacy.net and find something in our outline to talk about. You may discuss what you are doing to pass the time in these difficult times and who you are doing it with, or whatever. Just do it, make that call, Zoom, email, or however you wish to communicate, you will feel like you have really done something special, your own personal greeting card of life.