Why make a video of a life story / genealogy?

  • It provides a real opportunity to get to know the individual, to see them living, and to see their personality shine! Virtually all genealogy is basically a paper list of people who are related.  With My Living Legacy, anyone can tell their story and will allow the future generations to see the person on video for who they really are – themselves!  Not just some name on paper.


Is “My Living Legacy” strictly for the elderly?

  • No.  Video recording one’s life story is meant for people of all generations!  Parents are encouraged to record their children’s first moments, Teens can tell the stories of the epic things they’ve been a part of, and yes, the Elderly can pass their stories on to future generations.


I’d like to have my story recorded, but do I need professional video equipment?

  • No.  Even though My Living Legacy is a DIY step-by-step guide to producing your own video life story, you do not need professional equipment.  In this era of technology, all you need is simply your phone or a photo camera that can record video and sound.  If you would like to have a higher quality project, we do recommend getting a video camera, microphones, lighting, and a tripod or hiring a professional video production company, or you may be able to have it done through your local historical society.


What if I (or the person I’d like to record) doesn’t want to be on camera?

  • Many people are camera-shy.  It’s okay.  My Living Legacy provides a step-by-step guide to recording to all media, not just video.  If you or someone you’d like to record has favorite experience to share, but don’t want to be filmed, we would recommend just using an audio recording.  We’d also recommend having a nice photo of yourself or the featured person to accompany the audio recording.


Can I use this program to start a small business?  Are non-profits allowed to use this program?

  • Our mission is to get everyone to record their life stories.  And we’re open to people sharing the program as intended.  However, My Living Legacy is a registered trademark and copyrighted program, so any commercial / service use is strictly prohibited without our expressed written consent.  If you wish to use this program as a business opportunity, or wish to use our program for public service, feel free to contact us.



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