The Founder

It seems like only yesterday that I was a little kid listening to my family tell stories of  people before them.  I remember wanting to hear more but time got away and I grew up, and those stories melted into shady outlines of someone reminiscing.  I wanted to rekindle those memories – but those I loved so much were gone, and their stories with them.  Only a few relatives remained, and I was determined not to let those family legacies disappear forever.

I bought my first video camera and a bulky recorder in 1982, and began a life long hobby of video and photography.  To this day I am so happy that I took the time to put my father in front of my now ancient video camera and taped his amazing life story.  What a treasure to find out he and Charles Lindbergh were flight students together, and he told stories about them as young men.  After all those stories from him, family, friends, and some others I taped with historical value, I developed My Living Legacy, a program for people to video personal stories for generations to come!

My Living Legacy comes as an instructional CD, book, or download on how to videotape or audiotape a person’s life story.  It is designed to rekindle the fond memories from the past and preserve them for current and future generations.  Many people have thanked me for encouraging them to record their family stories, genealogy, and more.  Shirley said “It keeps the memory of my dear husband alive and so clear.  His message to the family and me was a gift in words I play over and over again on my video recorder.”

It is my personal hope you have the same experience as Shirley, and the same feeling I do – save life stories for future family members and friends to understand and enjoy!

Dick Liersch
-Dick Liersch
My Living Legacy Founder