Legacy Lesson 2

 Throughout our lives we collect in our memory banks many outstanding events. As we know some stories stand out more than others. As we reflect on these short stories now is a good time to catalogue them for our living legacy. You may want to tell them as a group of stories as a video book all on its own. We may think of childhood experiences such as a memorable trip jammed in the back of your parent’s car that never seemed to end. You may want to discuss an experience you had with a friend doing any kind of event. A family member story or something you did simply by yourself. I recall many humorous stories I wish to share. As an example, I will share with you one of mine.

  My future wife always wanted a particular car.  So when we got married I bought her the dream car, a1965 Plymouth Barracuda. She was so happy with it. Then one day I got that call no husband wants to hear. “Dick, something happened to my car”. The first thing that came to my mind was exactly what happened. It was in an accident. Not she, but the car had an accident.  Someone pulled in front of her and it was a total wreck, to no fault of her own. To my amazement she wanted her baby to be towed home in front of the garage as a constant reminder to go fix it. Her famous words were that still rings out in my ears today. “DICK, YOU CAN DO IT”. I said “what”? “You can fix it”. I was reminded each day looking at the car with two crushed fenders, bumpers, buckled hood, and front end bent like is was looking south to the junk yard, and the engine at an unusual angle. One day the sound of a sledgehammer fills the air, and I am doing the impossible dream, one wack at a time. The Barracuda now naked of its front end with only the engine looking at me with all parts in a pile including the air conditioner parts and pieces of a radiator.” Now what do I do?” I said. She said, “Lets head to a junkyard in Milwaukee and see what we can find”. The car was out of date and chances were slim we would even find a part or two. As we are lost in the big city looking for the junkyard driving in circles for over a half hour, my wife says, “Look What’s along side of us!”  I couldn’t believe my eyes, there is, hanging on a hook at the back a wrecker a 1995 Plymouth Barracuda painted in many odd colors swinging in the breeze. I asked, Where are you going with that thing?” not wanting to sound too desperate. The guy in the wrecker looks at me and says,  “Hey Dick, didn’t we go to high school together?  I exclaimed,” Yes we did!” He was two grades ahead of me and we had barely spoken a word together, but somehow there we were heading to the same place at the same. I told John my dilemma and he said, “Don’t worry I’ll take care of it. You can have the front end for ten bucks and I’ll bring the stuff home for you”. There we were, thirty-five dollars for the junk car from the insurance company, and ten from my school friend and I might have a possible car again. More sledging ahead, and somehow it all lined up, and I had it back together again. Painted it with white spray cans and wa-la. My wife went on to drive that old Barracuda for another two years, and somehow that car went straight down the road like it was following an arrow. Ever since when we have a project big or small, I hear her voice echo in my head from somewhere around me. “Dick, YOU CAN DO IT” and somehow it gets done. Share your story on video, you are worth it.

Legacy Lesson 1

How do I begin a legacy video story                                                                          

Just pick a spot in your timeline where you care to begin. As an introduction you may start by stating your name, location (setting), and time of your recording. Of course, the date (optional) will change and possibly the location as you add to your story. A few other starter suggestions may be; discussing your family, childhood, your teens, etc. Include pictures along with your personal comments about them. You may discuss your life experiences, stories about places you’ve been, your struggles, or who or what shaped your life. Humorous events/stories are also encouraged. What kind of questions to ask, along with proper lighting, sound, and more will help; the download will aid you with that. Be sure to look directly at the camera lens. Many people decide to include family or friends to join in your video and possibly help you with the recording Take a small notebook along with you, and as you think about your video story, write things down as they come to mind. Another option is use a smartphone recorder. On occasions you may want to do the recording yourself. If you want to edit out a part of the recording there are always apps to help you do that. Think about others viewing your story and how you want them to view it. Remember, This is your life story, told your way.  This information also applies if you are recording another person’s life story.


As we go through life, we experience celebrations of  all kinds. Some celebrate holidays, or other special occasions. Many people celebrate a personal celebration, such as last year at this time I or we did this or that. It may be a celebration of a family get together or someone or someplace we went, or a person who came into our life. No matter how or what we celebrate,  we should celebrate one thing, and that is the day we have in front of us. It is the gift of our precious life. Life is like smoke, it fades away all at different speeds. The only thing we really own is our time on this small planet and how much we use it and what we do with it.  . We choose who we celebrate our day with and in many cases where, but we should look at each day as a series of celebrations. We record special instances in our mind like small photos and bring them out from time to time for review. Some mental pictures are good images and some are bad, but it is what we do with them that shapes our life. We should take each image and find a way to turn them into a learning experience to make us  grow. Make each moment of life a celebration and try to make ourselves a better person for others to enjoy, no matter if that circle is of two or more persons. Maybe we want to celebrate that moment just by ourselves, that is good too, but try to write down your expressions or record your celebration no matter what it is so you can  say “I did that”. My story is mine and I will celebrate it the way I wish. Do this ….. Celebrate your life daily, with those around you, now .

The smoke is rising capture your moment, make each day a  celebration before the winds of time take it away.

Dick Liersch,  Celebrating today.

What’s Your Story?

A person might think that a living legacy should take place as he or she is in their later  years of life, with all the experiences of life looking in the rear view mirror. This is quite the opposite. My way of thinking is that we should record life experiences as we travel along life’s highway. My living legacy was created for people of all ages. Take for instance many of us create family albums of a series of photographs as we age.

It’s true we don’t haul them out when company comes over, but they are frozen images as we age.  Fast forward to our digital age. Now we are in the selfies era. Again frozen images of our friends and places. Soon, we will begin to tell our stories with video and share family stories, children if they are part of our family, and our history as we lived it.

At any time we can stop and record and save our video legacy and build something we can be proud of. A living legacy, your story told by you as you lived it along life’s path.

You are the greatest gift to this world – share it with My Living Legacy!

A great way to write your life story

This is the story of your life. You should be writing your life story. Or have someone do it for you. The key is getting help — Your-Life-Your-Story.com is going to help you in writing and preserving your life story.

Do you remember when? The memories and experiences that have shaped your life…Do you realize the great gift you can give…to yourself and your loved ones?

One of the many benefits of telling your story is that you learn more about yourself. The very process requires considering what you believe, what matters most and what the sum of your life experiences has taught you.