As we go through life, we experience celebrations of  all kinds. Some celebrate holidays, or other special occasions. Many people celebrate a personal celebration, such as last year at this time I or we did this or that. It may be a celebration of a family get together or someone or someplace we went, or a person who came into our life. No matter how or what we celebrate,  we should celebrate one thing, and that is the day we have in front of us. It is the gift of our precious life. Life is like smoke, it fades away all at different speeds. The only thing we really own is our time on this small planet and how much we use it and what we do with it.  . We choose who we celebrate our day with and in many cases where, but we should look at each day as a series of celebrations. We record special instances in our mind like small photos and bring them out from time to time for review. Some mental pictures are good images and some are bad, but it is what we do with them that shapes our life. We should take each image and find a way to turn them into a learning experience to make us  grow. Make each moment of life a celebration and try to make ourselves a better person for others to enjoy, no matter if that circle is of two or more persons. Maybe we want to celebrate that moment just by ourselves, that is good too, but try to write down your expressions or record your celebration no matter what it is so you can  say “I did that”. My story is mine and I will celebrate it the way I wish. Do this ….. Celebrate your life daily, with those around you, now .

The smoke is rising capture your moment, make each day a  celebration before the winds of time take it away.

Dick Liersch,  Celebrating today.


What’s Your Story?

A person might think that a living legacy should take place as he or she is in their later  years of life, with all the experiences of life looking in the rear view mirror. This is quite the opposite. My way of thinking is that we should record life experiences as we travel along life’s highway. My living legacy was created for people of all ages. Take for instance many of us create family albums of a series of photographs as we age.

It’s true we don’t haul them out when company comes over, but they are frozen images as we age.  Fast forward to our digital age. Now we are in the selfies era. Again frozen images of our friends and places. Soon, we will begin to tell our stories with video and share family stories, children if they are part of our family, and our history as we lived it.

At any time we can stop and record and save our video legacy and build something we can be proud of. A living legacy, your story told by you as you lived it along life’s path.

You are the greatest gift to this world – share it with My Living Legacy!

A great way to write your life story

This is the story of your life. You should be writing your life story. Or have someone do it for you. The key is getting help — Your-Life-Your-Story.com is going to help you in writing and preserving your life story.

Do you remember when? The memories and experiences that have shaped your life…Do you realize the great gift you can give…to yourself and your loved ones?

One of the many benefits of telling your story is that you learn more about yourself. The very process requires considering what you believe, what matters most and what the sum of your life experiences has taught you.

A Treasured Generation, pt.2

Television and movies have perverted and diluted morals to the point that sex, extreme violence, corruption, and getting even, are commonplace events. To add to the mix, murder and mutilation have conditioned the general public each evening. Finally, advertising has reached a ridiculous point that they are more of entertainment value, insulting our common sense, and the product or service they offer is almost secondary. If you think this is not true, watch the ads with the mute on, and observe. It is all glitz, mainly aimed at the youth, and focus groups have forgotten that the baby boomers are purchasers of these same products. Drug side effects are enough to kill you, no thanks. Aging individuals reminisce about the good old days and think fondly of how things were. Homes were left unlocked; people talked to one’s neighbors and offered help when it was needed. This rarely happens now.

As a writer of a product that educates people how to video their life story for family, friends, and future generations, I found people turning their back on such a medium. People are occasionally interested in going to museums and looking at the past but do nothing to preserve the lives of those who contributed to our present. With the death of each person another valuable story is lost to the ages. What we leave behind is a headstone with dates, a short article in the newspaper, or an internet genealogy lookup where we came into the world, where we lived and the place of death. This points to the fact that our aging generation is being forgotten in this fast-paced life. There is nothing wrong with the younger generation, they are our future, and they need to find their direction, value and purpose in life, but this should not be their only mission. They should remember those who loved them through thick and thin. Of course, there are many who remember their parents and bravo for those who demonstrate their care. As for those who are bothered by their aging family members and want to distance themselves from them, they need to reflect that they will be in their shoes someday and who will care for them?

Parents always wanted the best for their kids, that’s the way it was, and is. It is time we all reflect about those who came before us and cared so much. We need to reach out to each other before it is too late. Sharing the history of older ones is an untapped treasure of the goodness and experiences that they could relate. Imagine grandchildren viewing stories of people in their family they will never meet, since they are a part of history now. Take the time to listen to their life’s struggles, their family members, and who influenced their life. You can find out how they met their spouse, raised their children and the changes they experienced in their life. Ask about their hopes and dreams. Show your interest in them and let them know you care. There is so much to experience, be a part of them.


ground group growth hands
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A Treasured Generation

We live in a time when almost everything is disposable, from televisions, automobiles, even buildings. Eventually everything is thrown away and finally recycled, if possible. In many cases things are manufactured to wear out or have lost its usefulness and is tossed away. It is a culture that has gradually worsened over the years. When driving in your car look at our streets and highways, they are filled with disposable litter waiting for collection, and landfills are becoming small mountains. This discussion is not to make people aware of what is disposable, but what is of value, and what should be saved. My point is that a great treasure is being disposed of with fervor. It is a whole generation of people who are aging, and no longer seem to be of value to the younger ones. This system is gradually putting older ones out of work, out touch, and basically ignored. This generation has moved from the family conversation, to shorts bursts of words in a text message, or a picture on a web page with a comment or two. This “get to the point medium” is rapidly replacing the face to face exchange expressions of individual thoughts and creative ideas. As time passes by, if the older ones have not caught up with the sweeping tide of electronic communication, they are put on the curbside like a big box television. This begs the question, when do the young visit their grandparents, and when do the children of parents give them a call or visit to show their love and concern? When do they ask questions about family history gone by, and the roots of their very being? When death knocks at the door for the elderly, they are rarely spoken of again.

In this “busy me first generation”; a great deal of life is centered on monetary gain, social status, along with a smattering of religious training on Sundays. Morals have been sidetracked and have deteriorated to the point where good is bad and bad is good. Violence is found in every corner of life. The forms of entertainment we view, and the news we are bombarded with are reflective of the ways of life we live with. Children’s video games have ratcheted up to new levels of death and destruction. It won’t be long before their fingers will have more strength than their arms.

So please, take the time to learn to video your life history….