Do you ever think of yourself as living in the past? We all do, whether we care to think of it at all. Imagine that the last breath we took is now our history. We go about our daily lives planning, experiencing events, sharing thoughts with others, and never thinking that we will never be in this exact place and time ever again. This is your now moment in time. As we go through life, we collect moments that will change our thoughts and direction. We may experience either positive or negative events that will alter our next decision. We base many of our decisions on past experiences or knowledge that we have gained, but we still live in the past. As we go through time, which is relative, we gather a storehouse of collected memories, sometime snapshots in our mind of events or people stored in the confines of our magnificent brain. We are our own historians. What do we do with this knowledge? Do we change our direction in life, stay the same, or just make slight adjustments? In most cases, our decisions are influenced by past events, or by random circumstances.

Where am I going with all this prattle, to repeat, we need to take notice of our lives and realize that every moment is precious and never going to be relived again, in the same moment we just experienced. So, take care and think of those moments of history we create, and the history we leave behind, and try to appreciate the moment, and not live in a world of regrets saying, “I wish I would have.” Reflect on your moments of history, that last second you just took, and experience life saying, “I am proud of myself and glad I made that decision”. Life is short and fleeting, make that last moment you took filled with positive moments with love and good thoughts for the next breath you take. We are simply, living in life’s moment, enjoy the moment you are in. Do not worry about tomorrow. Matthew 6:34. “So never be anxious about the next day for the next day will have its own anxieties. Each day has its own troubles.” Enjoy the day you are in. (New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.