Many times in our life we feel small and unnoticed and maybe just plain overlooked.


We should   look at ourselves as special individuals with special needs and worth. When it comes to our story we should not say “I am not worth it.” We all have something to contribute to each other. We have unique life experiences, opinions, and of course feelings on a matter. How do we express ourselves? One way is to create a life story about our self or that of someone special to us. Take the time to video record your life story to share with another as I have created an outline to do just that. I have forty years of video recording peoples life story experiences. Do not bottle up your life story, I guarantee your will feel better that you did it. I just spent over an hour recording my story and have a lot to go. Once you start, you will find you are on a roll. To begin get out a small notebook and begin jotting things in a order that seem right for you and your experiences along with pictures that go along with the timeline.  Simply let yourself go and try not to get hung up on details. All I can say is you will feel better in the end, as I have. Other famous people get their life story told by others. You are worth it, tell yours, as you lived it.

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