A person might think that a living legacy should take place as he or she is in their later  years of life, with all the experiences of life looking in the rear view mirror. This is quite the opposite. My way of thinking is that we should record life experiences as we travel along life’s highway. My living legacy was created for people of all ages. Take for instance many of us create family albums of a series of photographs as we age.

It’s true we don’t haul them out when company comes over, but they are frozen images as we age.  Fast forward to our digital age. Now we are in the selfies era. Again frozen images of our friends and places. Soon, we will begin to tell our stories with video and share family stories, children if they are part of our family, and our history as we lived it.

At any time we can stop and record and save our video legacy and build something we can be proud of. A living legacy, your story told by you as you lived it along life’s path.

You are the greatest gift to this world – share it with My Living Legacy!