As we look at ourselves, we realize we are like a book that is filled with our personal stories. Many of the pages may be filled, and other pages ahead are still empty, waiting. Simply put, we do not know where we are in our book of life. The bible wisely stated it this way: “Time and chance befall us all.” None of us know where, when, or how our book reaches its climax. Each day starts a new chapter, no matter if each one seems routine. Things are always changing either to us, or around us. If your life story means anything to you or someone that you care about, now is the time to make your decision in recording your life story-history on video, voice recorder, or simply writing it down. My Living Legacy will guide you step by step as you fill in the pages on your journey of saving your life story on video. My suggestion is to get a small notebook and begin entering highlights of your life in small bits as thoughts come to mind. Be inspired

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