Not like a doctor, a pill, an injection, or someone coming to come to help you financially, but in a unique way. It is no doubt people are extremely stressed out in a number of ways and wondering when this current nightmare will go away. Many people are seeking a release or a way to vent their frustrations. It is my hope that this life story outline can be of a help to you emotionally. What about telling your story either by writing it down, or expressing it on video? My Living Legacy will provide you a method to document your story.

We offer no promises or results, but it may make you feel better knowing that you expressed yourself. Many of us many know someone who had Covid 19, is out of work, home teaching the kids, or in some way is affected by this disease. This outline crosses all boundaries and people of all walks of life. I hope this aid will help people bind together and have a common goal and talk to one another and share their video in any manner they choose. My living legacy is your personal video life story, how you lived it. It will cover all the questions you need including, video techniques needed to make a great video. Best Wishes — This will pass.

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