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Introducing myself, my name is Dick Liersch.  I wish to share with you a short personal story.  I have had a compelling hobby and business for over 35 years recording life stories of average people on video.  My video interviews have allowed family and friends to see an individual as they are; with all their strengths, weaknesses, hopes, desires, how they looked and talked, and finally, relating to their personal history as they lived it.  I’ve recorded interviews in many locations (places of interest, residences, etc.).  Everyone wants to leave a personalized message for future generations and with today’s technology, they can.

It is my hope that adults and children of all ages and backgrounds will video record their own personal, family, and friends’ life stories as well as take the chance to  get to know the older generations that will not always be with them.  Many of us reflect  back on someone we miss and would like to hear their voice or see him or her again, but circumstance has either silenced them or they no longer remember.  Take the time to record yourself as you go through life’s journey, or a loved one now.  People usually leave something of value behind for others, so make it a video life story, a living legacy for future generations.

When you have the opportunity, please visit my website and see if this instructional aid is for you.  Selfies are but a split second in time.  A video is a living experience.  Thank you for visiting My Living Legacy.


Warm regards,
Richard “Dick” Liersch, President My Living Legacy LLC.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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