For anyone who has had a pet they play a large part of our life. People go to great lengths to care for their pet or pets. Some even go to the extreme to leave fortunes for the permanent care of their pet after they are gone. Others say their companion is more valuable and trustworthy than people. others still tell stories about their special friend or friends long after their gone. No matter what they are, they are our friends, in our care. Therefore, I suggest including them in your video life story. The rewards of owning a pet are priceless in so many ways. The hours of companionship and dedication that our special friends have in our lives cannot be measured. With them, we are never alone. Much could be said on an individual basis that could fill libraries of personal stories both real, and fictional. Please review my outline on how to video your life story with your pet and include your personal expressions of what they mean to you. Include your video pictures and mementos to complete your memorable experiences.