The other day I was slicing into a new salami sausage I got from our neighborhood quick gas mart. When I got to the bottom of it, I realized I had cut the expiration date in half. For some strange reason that got me thinking about all humankind. We all have a end date, whether we want to think about it or not. Most of us want to avoid that kind of subject since it not a comfortable one to think about or discuss. I thought about people’s end game. Some think or believe they will move on to a heavenly bliss as I have read in their obituaries, they are going fishing up there, hunting, some cooking to their hearts content, or meet up with lost family members and pets they missed. Others think they will turn into some kind of animal or bug. Still others think they may be condemned to a world of burning hellfire if they were not good like Santa told them to be. Some have no hope at all, and some don’t care. And finally a few like myself take another biblical view that mankind will live on a earthly paradise under Gods kingdom rule forever. We certainly have a lot to pick and choose from. I am sure I have missed many more, sorry about that. You can fill in the blank of your everlasting future. Now on to our expiration. So many people on a health kick, eat healthy, exercise as much as possible, meditate and a host of other methods to cheat their expiration date. Sorry to tell you that road leads to nowhere fast in the short time we are allotted on this spinning globe. Many other lives are cut short by accident, illness, murder or a host of other misfortunes. Simply put we just get so many heart beats and according to our genetics, maybe a few more. This all may seem a downer of a subject but we are living in times when a world wide pandemic is fulfilling bible prophecy at an alarming rate. So many people have planned their life ahead only to be surprised by being over taken by this horrible death stalker called Covid-19. Life’s plans and hopes and dreams are smothered out in hospitals or on streets and new strains are on the horizon.

I think about thousands upon thousands of life stories that will never be written spoken or video recorded. No messages left behind to say I love you or how much I cared or felt about you. No thank you for all you have done for me or others. All a silence now as others grieve the great unspeakable loss of a life worth living. We owe it to ourselves to say thank you or anything that will leave the others we leave behind feeling that you cared to say what you feel and not leave others guessing what you meant to say and didn’t.

Personally I want to tell others around me how much they meant to me and the love I wish to share beyond my time here on this earth. My life has been video recorded for others to share. It has been an exciting adventure with a loving wife, two children, and a super grandchild. As we look at ourselves in this special period of time, we have a chance to reflect on our life and what we put into it and what we got from it. Mostly it is not the things we possessed but the people we cherished since it not things we leave behind but the imprint we left in this world. Take the time to video record your story or write it down but do something before your expiration date, you owe it to those you left behind. You are a living Legacy. Share this with someone you care about.