To borrow the title from the movie, many of us have a secret desire to do something we have never done and wish to accomplish before we finish our journey of life. Imagine all the things we want to do, and then begin to formulate a bucket list of realistic things we wish to complete. Keep in mind these things should be within our physical, emotional, and financial reach. Your bucket list doesn’t have to be a long shopping list of things, it could be only one. Write your list down in your order of priority and see if you can challenge yourself to reach your goal. In my case, I have completed almost my entire list with only two left; complete my life story on video, and drive on the great “Road America” race track at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

Here is where comes in. Take the time to video record your bucket list event as part of your life story/history on video. If you care to, have someone tag along and record your legacy event on location. Review the recording outline tips of how to create a great looking video on our download. Enjoy your venture.

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