A friend of yours is throwing a party and guess what, you are not invited. What a disappointment. No one wants to have that left out feeling in life. Did you ever feel like you were ignored or not appreciated?  Many of us feel that way on occasions.  Do we feel that we just blend in with the crowd and are living in a cookie cutter generation?  We know that we are all different from others, either by birth, environment, life experiences, or other reasons. We want to be known as different from the other person, with our own identity, a person with character, personality, and warmth. Why not make your statement with a video of your life story. Declare just who you are, and what you stand for. Share your personal story no matter what age you are or how simple or complex a life you led. It may be starting out in life and categorizing your life events as you live them, or a look back in time from a different perspective. Your life counts, or that of another person you wish to record who has a story to share, Follow the outline on My Living Legacy for your life experiences. Feel free to add additional information if you care to. The outline is an inspirational tool to get you going. Before you start, take time to meditate on you, or the one you are recording. Think about your likes, dislikes, what or who shaped your life, and your feelings about things that affect you. Take notes, and enjoy a new experience about YOU, and answer the question on video; “Who Am I”?

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