Now we touch on a discussion that may be sensitive to many people. One that many people wish to avoid and others may wish to bring out into the open. All we are trying to do is offer people a format to open up their minds and hearts about events in our lives that we may wish to express in written word, audio, or using video, as a media to convey your story.  There are many titles that one could use to express their experience as noted above. Our stories may occur anywhere in our lifetime. In many cases the memory is difficult to erase or impossible to remove. It seems many people in our general population has gone through some type of an event. Some experiences may be as a child, at school, workplace, or recreation, or anywhere, to mention a few. Many people can hide them with success, and many others are scarred for life. Such experiences may lead to low self-esteem, depression, isolation, insecurity, negativity, and even worse. All these fall under the category of mental, emotional, verbal, or physical harm. The results can be minor or extreme. We are offering an option of recording the events and destroying it, or saving it for a future time or place, or for personal record. We are not encouraging anyone to point a finger at an individual or organization, but that discussion is for the individual to decide what to do. Many people may feel a relief to make their statement; we hope you will get some solace from our topic. There are many more questions of interest with our “how to” download.

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