How do I begin a legacy video story? Just pick a spot in your timeline where you care to begin. As an introduction you may start by stating your name, location (setting), and time of your recording. Of course, the date (optional) will change and possibly the location as you add to your story. A few other starter suggestions may be; discussing your family, childhood, your teens, etc. Include pictures along with your personal comments about them. You may discuss your life experiences, stories about places you’ve been, your struggles, or who or what shaped your life. Humorous events/stories are also encouraged. What kind of questions to ask, along with proper lighting, sound, and more will help; the download will aid you with that. Be sure to look directly at the camera lens. Many people decide to include family or friends to join in your video and possibly help you with the recording Take a small notebook along with you, and as you think about your video story, write things down as they come to mind. Another option is use a smartphone recorder. On occasions you may want to do the recording yourself. If you want to edit out a part of the recording there are always apps to help you do that. Think about others viewing your story and how you want them to view it. Remember, This is your life story, told your way.  This information also applies if you are recording another person’s life story.

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