We live in a generation of entertainers on the web. The younger generation are trying to dance their way to stardom, creating a stunt, or taking a chance, or anything else to get their fifteen minutes of fame. As adults, let us put our energy into something constructive and do something memorable, like saving your life story on video. What about turning your attention to your family history/ancestry. What about discussing your accomplishments, your pastimes, and other interests? You may want to include your “what if’s, “or if something outstanding occurs in your life, and finally your health and financial thoughts.  My Living Legacy instructional outline will help you on your way to think about yourself and record it on video “Forever”. You are now the real star, and what you do has real meaning to yourself and others. You may choose to record a life story of a loved one, if that is what you want to do. Famous personalities get their story told, but what about us? we deserve to share our story.

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