Have you ever wanted to start a business of your own? Here is the perfect inexpensive venue to do just that. My Living Legacy was not only developed as a how to instruct families and friends to preserve life stories on video, but included a business model to aid people who are interested in creating their own video business venture. Our download is a complete outline on how to do just that. The life story can be recorded on any type of video media that can be converted into a physical product or a download to the cloud. You don’t even need an office; just choose your location for recording. By searching on the Internet you can determine what other people charge for their interviews. Your up front costs can be very modest, including a tripod, simple lighting, an inexpensive microphone, and video camera to get you started. As your business increases you may choose to upgrade to more professional devices. Our “Do it yourself” outline includes a myriad of questions for an informative interview. You may include your own interview questions as desired; photos should be included. Sound and lighting is extremely important, and helpful information is included to create a great looking and sounding interview. Just follow the basic steps. I make no promises to your success; it all depends on your drive and interest in recording a video life story. If video is not in the picture, an audio interview is also a possibility. Enjoy each day you have ahead of you, make each one a celebration of life.