As we go through life, we experience celebrations of  all kinds. Some celebrate holidays, or other special occasions. Many people celebrate a personal celebration, such as last year at this time I or we did this or that. It may be a celebration of a family get together or someone or someplace we went, or a person who came into our life. No matter how or what we celebrate,  we should celebrate one thing, and that is the day we have in front of us. It is the gift of our precious life. Life is like smoke, it fades away all at different speeds. The only thing we really own is our time on this small planet and how much we use it and what we do with it.  . We choose who we celebrate our day with and in many cases where, but we should look at each day as a series of celebrations. We record special instances in our mind like small photos and bring them out from time to time for review. Some mental pictures are good images and some are bad, but it is what we do with them that shapes our life. We should take each image and find a way to turn them into a learning experience to make us  grow. Make each moment of life a celebration and try to make ourselves a better person for others to enjoy, no matter if that circle is of two or more persons. Maybe we want to celebrate that moment just by ourselves, that is good too, but try to write down your expressions or record your celebration no matter what it is so you can  say “I did that”. My story is mine and I will celebrate it the way I wish. Do this ….. Celebrate your life daily, with those around you, now .

The smoke is rising capture your moment, make each day a  celebration before the winds of time take it away.

Dick Liersch,  Celebrating today.

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