Technology is changing the way we do things, and seniors have much to gain. While the inner workings of electronics can be highly complex, the end result is there are devices which are not only senior-friendly, they can make your life better in many ways. Here are some suggestions of gadgets and gizmos that are so simple and affordable, you’ll look forward to using them.


Surf’s up!


Whether you’re already adept at surfing the web or are thinking of dipping your toes in the water, there are some fun devices to help you explore comfortably. For instance, you might be interested in getting a laptop. There are touchscreen versions, and you can also take advantage of full-sized keyboards. If you want something a bit more portable, tablets are a sleek, lightweight option with plenty of power you can use on the go. The functionality is more like a smartphone, so you can enjoy the convenience of a touchscreen on a bigger device.


There is a lot of variance in features, sizes, battery life, and so forth, so learn more about each device before you make your decision. And once you narrow your selection, check out the Rakuten Electronics store page for online deals before you invest – the money you save can be applied to your next tech investment!


Bye-bye, cable!


Are you paying an arm and a leg for cable tv? These days, you no longer need to. As Reader’s Digest explains, you can ditch the cable bill in favor of web-based alternatives. There are a couple of easy ways to do this. You can either invest in a smart TV, or you can stream your favorite shows via WiFi.


Streaming might sound like the more challenging option, but it’s actually pretty simple. For example, if you already have an Alexa device (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, etc.), a Fire Stick will integrate with it seamlessly. It boasts a speedy interface and has an easy-to-navigate on-screen keyboard. You just plug it into your tv, plug it into the wall to power it up, and connect to the web. To stretch your pennies, look for current offers online, or take advantage of Amazon Prime Day deals.


Easy on the eyes


Do you enjoy reading? From novels, to nonfiction, to the daily news, an e-reader might be just the ticket to reducing any eye strain you’re experiencing. Lightweight, portable, and powerful, there are e-readers which can keep you savoring your favorite books, magazines, and news reports. You can not only enjoy your favorite reading material, you can adjust screen brightness and text size to suit your fancy. It’s like a tablet or smartphone in many ways, but the screen and functionality are specifically oriented toward reading.


Sometimes people are concerned an e-reader will be hard on their eyes. Real Simple explains keeping a lamp on and giving your eyes brief breaks will allow you to keep using an e-reader comfortably. There are color screens, paper-like versions, and everything in between. Since there is a tremendous variety in e-readers, checking through reviews can help you sort the details.


One popular e-reader with access to all the bells and whistles you would want is the Nook. It comes in several sizes, has various page-turning options, and there are even waterproof versions. Topping it all off, you can stream shows, chat with friends on the web, and download recipes! For the most affordable options, deals can often be found online with a simple search – you might even be able to snag a refurbished version.


If you’re thinking of testing the waters of tech tools, there are some budget-savvy, senior-friendly options that can make your life better. Think about getting a laptop or tablet for surfing the web, cutting out your cable bill, and snagging an e-reader so you can keep enjoying your favorite reading material. Once you start playing with your new gadgets, you’ll wonder why you didn’t take the plunge sooner!

Article courtesy and written by Andrea Needham For video life story.