Abuse: Physical/mental

A subject we may have experienced but kept it to ourselves in silence.

This experience is shared by so many of us. I have gone through it. My mother was stopped from dropping me out of a two-story window at my age of two. Beat up, and then my parents went through a nasty divorce at my age of three and abused in a children’s home and almost killed there. We carry baggage through life and it how we deal with it will determine much of the path we lead. Do we carry the images in our mind and heart, or do we choose to dump those events and say that was then this is now? I decided to put them behind me.

As we think about these mental images, we may wish to catalogue them in a written record or on video as I have. Doing this may be a sort of relief. The recording may be for you only to see or another person of your choosing. No matter, ponder over your decision and do what you think is best. mylivinglegacy.net is a helper or guide in your video story experience.