Television and movies have perverted and diluted morals to the point that sex, extreme violence, corruption, and getting even, are commonplace events. To add to the mix, murder and mutilation have conditioned the general public each evening. Finally, advertising has reached a ridiculous point that they are more of entertainment value, insulting our common sense, and the product or service they offer is almost secondary. If you think this is not true, watch the ads with the mute on, and observe. It is all glitz, mainly aimed at the youth, and focus groups have forgotten that the baby boomers are purchasers of these same products. Drug side effects are enough to kill you, no thanks. Aging individuals reminisce about the good old days and think fondly of how things were. Homes were left unlocked; people talked to one’s neighbors and offered help when it was needed. This rarely happens now.

As a writer of a product that educates people how to video their life story for family, friends, and future generations, I found people turning their back on such a medium. People are occasionally interested in going to museums and looking at the past but do nothing to preserve the lives of those who contributed to our present. With the death of each person another valuable story is lost to the ages. What we leave behind is a headstone with dates, a short article in the newspaper, or an internet genealogy lookup where we came into the world, where we lived and the place of death. This points to the fact that our aging generation is being forgotten in this fast-paced life. There is nothing wrong with the younger generation, they are our future, and they need to find their direction, value and purpose in life, but this should not be their only mission. They should remember those who loved them through thick and thin. Of course, there are many who remember their parents and bravo for those who demonstrate their care. As for those who are bothered by their aging family members and want to distance themselves from them, they need to reflect that they will be in their shoes someday and who will care for them?

Parents always wanted the best for their kids, that’s the way it was, and is. It is time we all reflect about those who came before us and cared so much. We need to reach out to each other before it is too late. Sharing the history of older ones is an untapped treasure of the goodness and experiences that they could relate. Imagine grandchildren viewing stories of people in their family they will never meet, since they are a part of history now. Take the time to listen to their life’s struggles, their family members, and who influenced their life. You can find out how they met their spouse, raised their children and the changes they experienced in their life. Ask about their hopes and dreams. Show your interest in them and let them know you care. There is so much to experience, be a part of them.


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