There are so many things in our life we can control and plan, from the time we wake up in the morning until the time we put our head down to sleep. The one thing we cannot control is the remaining time we have left on this earth. The Bible exclaims, “ Time and chance befall us all”. We are subject to unforeseen events each day of our life. “Time is relative” to quote others, and how we look at it may differ from one person to another. Children for example, could care less what time it is until mom calls them in for dinner. As we age, we are critically aware how much we are governed by it, and how manage it. Opportunities arise and may change the direction of our life in an instant. The quality of our health and financial picture can change without notice. Others may say,” I will get around to it, I have plenty of time to get it done”. No matter how we look at time it is not infinite to any of us, eventually we cross the bridge and run out of it. We have the option how we spend our remaining seconds, minutes, hours and the days we have left. We choose where and who we spend our quality time with, family, friends, associations, hobbies, or employment. As we age we should take a moment and prioritize what means the most to us, and find the enjoyment in it. We all need personal rewards to keep us going, and a measure of self worth without letting our ego get out of balance. We may find a reward contributing to others with our valuable time, or finding other ways to make our life joyful and complete. If you care to, do as many others have done, and record your life story on video, and share what things means the most to you, and how you value others, and love them. Make your story personal, as you are unique to any other person on this earth. Make your time count as I have tried to do. Try to live it with no regrets.

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