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Create Your or a Loved One’s Video Life History

No matter what age, we are all creating stories to share and My Living Legacy will show you how create the video story book of a lifetime for only $5.95!

  • Now you can produce your OWN life story or family history on video for yourself, friends, or loved ones!
  • Share those important moments in your life as an on going story.
  • Create an important treasure for future generations.
  • Take the ultimate selfie possibly sharing it with whoever you choose – Use our simple guide to do it.
  • Celebrate your life in your own way, at the location you choose, as you lived it – as “told by you.”

The My Living Legacy download is a step by step guide in creating a video life history at your own pace.  The program is organized into 5 main sections that present a plethora of information to you effectively and efficiently.  We have thought through the entire process from managing your project expenses to useful charts and graphs to education in important financial, health, and legal topics!  Along the way you will encounter inspirational stories included to bring fourth creative ideas and thoughts.  As you walk through the process you will wonder why everyone is not creating a video life history for themselves, friends, family, or loved ones.  With the guidance of My Living Legacy and your imagination, there will be no limits to the legacy you will create for generations to view!


Click here to download for only $5.95!


When you order your download today, you will be able to create a video of your own life story or that of a friend, family member, loved one!  You will also be able to create important videos that you can use for genealogy, health, financial, and legal services, and more!  My Living Legacy will provide you with production tips, in-depth interview questions, charts, checklists, educational materials, and more!

All you will need to get started is simply a camera or phone that can record video and audio!

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