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My Living Legacy can be used for more than just recording your life’s stories and your genealogical journey!  With My Living Legacy, you will have the tools to and guidance to produce video for your health, legal, and financial needs.  Keep in mind, that recording this information is good in practice and extremely helpful, but may not be considered a legal and binding depending on your State’s statutes.

You may use your recording to show your intent on a subject and why you chose the direction you did.  You may use your video to supplement professional legal advice or assistance.  We recommend getting assistance from close family members as you use My Living Legacy to create a video inventory of your estate, documenting health issues,  or stating what your end of life decisions may be.

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As one looks at the past while recording a living legacy, please keep in mind your present situation and future needs.  Recording this information will be very helpful and can serve as a reminder of the areas of your life that may require attention.